Delivering change through effective leadership and management

Leadership: Identifying the right things to do
Management: Doing things right

We work with small to medium sized companies helping them to become more effective through a focus on results, resources and how they work with people. More efficient by focusing on how they manage time.

To enable organisations to manage change we help in establishing effective and efficient governance structures using:
• Portfolio management
• Programme management
• Project management

Information on Projects, Programmes and Portfolios can be found here

I addition to the above core services we offer advice and guidance on
• Process improvement
• Constraint management
• Business analysis and requirements development for eCommerce projects
• Coaching and mentoring your staff in their roles and building up their tacit knowledge in the practices of project, programme and portfolio management
• Setting up Nearshore development teams

It is a great feeling and privilege to be able to help others be more effective and enjoy delivering great results every day. Sizeable gains will be realized in efficiency, organization, and accountability through the implementation of effective operational processes and project management processes.