When to consider using a programme in a medium sized organisation

In the previous artical you saw how the concept of a programme can be used in a relatively small organisation working with e-commerce. Here we use an example from a completly different area of business and with a larger organisation. This example is taken from a large agricultural business in Zambia.

All of the projects mentioned here had to be carried out at the same time as the normal farming operations where carried out. Each of the projects here had thier own budgets that had to be included in the overall business budget.

Programme of construction and engineering Projects

1: Rebuilding of main access roads and secondary feeder roads on the estate.
2: Building new silos and renovating old silos for the storage of 20 000 tonnes of grain.
3: Building storage facilities for agricultural inputs such as chemicals, fertilizers and seed.
4: Building of new houses (village complexes) for the local staff employed on the estate.
5: Building a school for the children of staff.
6: Installation and rehabilitation of 25 centre pivot irrigation machines covering 2500 hectares of land
7: Rehabilitation of high voltage electical system

Programme of rehabilitation projects

8: Rehabilitation of 4000 hectares of arable and grazing land, improving the yields from these fields.
9: Rehabilitation of the ranching operation.

Programme of training projects

10: Training programs for farm and field managers, machinery operators, etc.
11: Health and safety training for all staff working with chemicals, machinery, grain storage and livestock.

This scenario can be described as a portfolio of programmes and projects. By taking a systems approach (portfolio and programme management) it was possible to prioritise each of the projects to deliver the optimal investment for the business.