Starting up a project

Start right and close successfully

Getting a good start in life gives us an advantage over those who are less fortunate. The same principle applies to projects as well. Getting a project off to a good start will make the processes and work that follows on much easier and more successful.
The core process for starting up a project involves activities that will set the scene for the rest of the project and successful delivery.

Use the Starting up a project process to tell your core team what it is you are trying to achieve and create a plan to achieve you objective that they can sign up to.

Please Note: The activities you need to include in this process will vary depending on the type of project and when this process is initiated.
Activities in the core process for starting a project

This process should allow us to explore and answer the following questions before we make any large investments in effort, time and finances:
1.1: What strategic objectives are we trying to affect and for which we need new capability in order to achieve the outcomes and realise the benefits that have been identified as lacking?
1.2: What product(s) or services do we think will best supply the needed capability? This information is included in the project product description. The project product description will be further developed during the discovery and design processes.
1.3: What is the best way to go about discovering, defining and designing the needed capability based on what we know now?
1.4: Who will be most suited to work on this project?
1.5: Is there a business case to pursue this further?

Before you start any project it is important that the core team have a clear understanding of which strategic objectives they are trying to influence.
Working backwards from the strategic objectives they identify the benefits that need to be realised, the outcomes that need to be achieved and the capability that needs to be developed.

Once they know what kind capability is needed it is possible to think about what product or service will deliver the right capability. A process of discovery and design is needed to get the right product or service. Use the Start up a project process to plan how you will carry out the initial discovery and design processes, which are part of the Planning and initiating core process.
These phases will take time, money and resources so it is well worth doing some up front planning.

Based on the information gathered up to this point management will be in a position to make an informed decision as to whether there is a business case to move on with the Planning and initiating core process