Growth and Change

The dynamics of organisation growth.

As organisation staff sizes grow there are number milestones where one can see a pattern of change in the organisations behaviour dynamics. It is these changes that often catch management off guard. For small companies the first change occurs somewhere around the time that the number of employees goes over the 10 mark. The informal processes of doing daily work slowly start to deteriorate, defects start to appear in the system. What worked before suddenly does not give the same results. As the organisations numbers expand up towards the 30+ mark you suddenly find you are expediting work. Stress levels go up, cost saving seems to happen more often. This situation which is faced by many growing companies need not occur if you find the answers to the following three questions in time.

  • What is our growth Goal?
  • What do we need to change?
  • How will we achieve that change?

  • The next dynamic change seems to start around the 50+ employee mark. Here you have definitely moved away from the old “we are a family and know what each other is doing” cosy feeling. With skilful management the organisation may still have the strong identity to the brand. Each individual will certainly not know what all the others are up to if they are doing their own job. They must have confidence that the others are doing the right thing and the organisation as a whole is moving in one direction. This is all achievable with sound leadership that understands organisational change is dynamic and not always predictable. Having someone on board who understands and has experience of organisational change will reduce the cost and improve the experience.