Is it time for some change management

A structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations

Change management is the structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current situation to a desired future state.

Are any of these situations familliar to you?

Are your commitments consistently missed?

  • Late delivery
  • Last minute crunches
  • Spiralling costs

  • Do you feel that there is no management visibility into work processes?

  • You are always being surprised.
  • You are not too sure what your staff are doing?
  • Are you having problems pinpointing the root cause of problems.

  • Are you having quality problems with the products your company delivers?

  • Too much rework.
  • Functions do not work correctly.
  • Client complaints after delivery.

  • Is there poor moral in your team?

  • People are frustrated.
  • Is anyone in charge?
  • Team members pass the blame onto their colleagues?

  • If you can identify any of these situations in your organisation then it is time for change.
    Change management requires commitment, communication skills and experience.

    Here are five questions that need to be answered if you want to remain competative:

    Why Change?
    What do you need to change?
    What do you want to change TO?
    How will you implement the change?
    How to measure the change and cause a process of ongoing improvement?

    Achieving sustainable change