Facilitating Business and IT Change

Is your organisation having any of the following problems

  • Do you constantly have to deploy hotfixes?
  • Do you have a backlog of new features / requests that seems to be growing despite all the efforts to deliver the new features?
  • Do customers complain that they have not received what they asked for from the IT/Software Development department?
  • Is there an undercurrent of frustration between the IT/Software Development department and other departments?

  • What can be done?

    Together we can help your organisation to realise a greater synergy between you operational departments and the IT/Software team.
    What benefits can you expect to realise?
    Increased flexibility: Delivering outcomes that allow an organisation to respond to strategic demands without incurring additional expenditure
    Internal performance improvement: Changes that are internal to the organisation, such as improved decision-making or more efficient management processes. What is asked for and agreed to, will be delivered every time at the right level of quality.
    Improved personnel management: Better-motivated personnel which in turn will lead to a number of other benefits such as flexibility or increased productivity
    Process improvements: These are “more with same” or “same with less” that allow an organisation to do the same job with less resource, leading to a reduction in costs, or to do more with the same resource pool.
    Improved Quality of Service: Improvements to services, such as quicker and more consistent responses to queries and providing information in a way the customer (internal or external) would prefer, giving rise to fewer complaints and less costly delays.
    Risk reduction: Better understanding of risk identity and management

    Normally the process of change and improvement requires a certain amount of change in the way individuals and the organisation see things.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, gets people to change the way they act faster than getting them to change how they think, and see the world around them. People will not change unless they can see a benefit in doing so, management will not get results by ordering a change. We will help you get the results through showing each individual how they can contribute,and why they must contribute in order for the organisation to survive. More importantly what the benefits are for them to engage pro-activly in the initiative, or the dis-benefits if they do not.

    The four elements of an organisations culture to facilitate change

    Implementing the change process is done methodically on a step-by-step process with feedback as each step is completed. This ensures transparency and clarity, it allows all concerned to see what is ahead and have the opportunity to pro-actively influence the process. Doing it this way will reduce resistance to change and enable sustainable, institutionalized improvements.

    We do not only focus on results and actions, we also focus on getting your individual team member’s beliefs in sync with your organisations objectives.How to create a common goal:

    Here is an example as to how we can improve the balance and throughput of work for business as usual.

    Project, Programme and Portfolio structures withing your organisation to improve the delivery of initiatives