Forbytes Software Development Teams In Lviv Ukraine

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Lviv has an excellent pool of talent for the digital age

Lviv boasts several university and higher education facilities that produce graduates with a strong foundation in core skills and knowledge needed in the I.T. industry. The development I.T. talent is a core strategic initiative by the Ukrainian government.
Lviv’s universities and higher education institutions are producing graduates with a strong foundation in mathematics, physics and engineering disciplines. Software development is seen as a prestigious carrier and therefore attracts a constant stream of high calibre new talent each year. The majority of people in the software industry below the age of 40 have a reasonable understanding of English, with the level improving each year.
Lviv Polytechnic
Lviv University (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv)

Lviv as a location

Lviv is located in the west of Ukraine approximately 50 km from the Polish border. You will find an interesting mix of history in the culture and buildings of Lviv. The rich cultural history makes Lviv an interesting city to visit and work in.


With the building of the new airport for the 2012 UEFA European Championship, travel to Lviv from several European cities is relatively easy and quick. Hotel and apartment accommodation is easily available around the city centre.
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