Project Management Workshop

It is possible to manage every project effectively and have no project management failures.
To do this:
There needs to be a clear understanding as to what project management is and how it fits into an organisation.
People need to know how they contribute to the success or failier of projects
Identify the right projects in relation to the strategic objectives, then manage them appropriately.

One size does not fit all situations.

Prior to any workshop I will need one or two days on site to understand how your business works and who is involved. Each workshop is tailored to the organisation so that we can tailor the approach and work with examples that are relevant.

What you get from the workshop(s)

The workshop(s) will lead participants through core aspects of best management practices in relation to project management. It builds on international standards to give participants and organisations a framework on which to manage all their projects effectively and achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Participants will see that effective and successful project management also involves terminating projects when they no longer contribute to the strategic objectives. Closing a project that no longer contributes to the strategic objectives, is effective project management, keeping a project alive that no longer contributes to the strategic objectives is a failure in project management.

The best management practices, themes and knowledge areas will be covered throughout this workshop. The workshop is modularised into several focus areas that will be covered including but not limited to;
1. The organisational framework for project management and pre-project activities
2. Management of time to deliver as quickly as possible and make optimal use of resources.
3. Organisational structure so that senior management always has control without being burdened with too much extra work.
4. Risk management, change and quality management
5. Product Based Planning
6. Core project management processes and sub-processes that are the backbone of the workshop.

To enable your teams to be up and running participants will receive templates that will help them in their project management work, saving them several weeks of work to define and design templates.

Target group
Senior management, senior users / product owners, project managers, technical leads any others who may be involved in the project management organisation.
The course is structured so that busy senior managers who cannot allocate all four days to the workshop can at least attend the first day and second day where we cover the first two topics. Both risk management and the product based planning are given considerable focus as they have such a significant impact on successful project management.

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