Project Management and Coaching

Projects are the building blocks of change initiatives, when done well they deliver great business value. When done badly they cause more problems than they solve. If you can answer yes to any of the questions below and would like some help then please feel free to contact me.

  • Do you need a project, programme or portfolio manager to help out?
  • Have past projects dragged on indefinitely?
  • Do you have a current project or programme that is late and over budget?
  • Have past projects and programmes not delivered what was intended from the beginning or delivered what was asked for but not what the business needed?
  • Do you have projects that start marvellously well, and end up in a black hole of being 90% complete but never seem to end?
  • Do you want to achieve improved cost-control and revenue growth, but not too sure how to achieve the right balance?
  • Do you need to improve the prioritisation of projects within your organisation?
  • Is your organisation delivering individual projects successfuly, but still not realising the startegic objectives

  • Through the implementation of tailored practices and processes, your organisation will realise sizeable gains in efficiency, organization, and accountability.

    What I can do for your organisation

    In addition to hands on management I also like to supply a mentoring and coaching service when needed. The focus of this service is to build up tacit knowledge in your organisation. People can easily learn the different methods, it is more difficult to understand how to combine and tailor methods to suit each project and organisation.
    It is similar to teaching someone to ride a bike, you can tell them what to do and they will still fall off in the beginning. I can help to avoid or at least cushion the fall.

    Hands on contract management can be supplied in the following areas

    Lead and Manage Projects

    Ensure that the project output is in line with the business needs from start to finish.
    Clarity of customer requirements and deliverables
    Ensuring the availability of skills and key resources before starting projects.
    Strength of control and change management processes, encouraging necessary change and preventing chaos
    Embracing a structured lean and agile approach, doing only what adds value and is necessary to deliver the result.
    Focus on doing the right things properly

    Manage a Portfolio of Projects

    By ensuring that the programmes and projects undertaken are the right ones in the context of the organisations strategic objectives.
    Ascertain which projects will not contribute as much to the strategic objectives and should therefore be delayed or cancelled.
    Ensure a balance is maintained between change initiatives and business as usual operations.

    Carry out Business Analysis and Pre-studies

    Understanding where the business is now and where management wants to be at a defined point in the future.
    Gap analysis to understand what needs to be done.
    Working with stakeholders to define their requirements.
    Identification of options available to the business to achieve the desired objectives.

    Risk Management

    Ensure that the project organisation makes cost effective use of a risk management process to improve internal control and support better decision-making through a good understanding of individual risks and the overall risk exposure?
    Reducing the possibility of sudden shocks and unwelcome surprises
    More efficient use of resources as we reduce time wasted in fire fighting.

    Create the srtucture in your organisation between operations, projects, programmes and portfolios

    Having the right structures in place and understanding the interdependence so that each individual can focus on their area of responsibility, will give your organisation the comparative advantage in the market place.

    On the job coaching and training workshops

    In addition to managing your projects we will be very happy to help develop your organisations long term capacity to handle projects. Project management is a team effort, and there are several roles within the project organisation that must fulfil specific responsibilities. Below are some examples as to how we can help you in coaching your staff and increase your organisations project management capacity.

    Coaching operational managers and technical experts (ex: engineers) in project management and leadership.

    There is no doubt that it is desirable to have project managers that have subject matter knowledge. As professionals in project management and leadership we can supply coaching to subject matter experts. Helping them to attain a wealth of knowledge and skills at a relatively low cost and a very high return on investment. We can take full responsibility for the project management role initially and gradually hand over project management & leadership responsibility to your designated project manager.

    Coaching individuals in their project organisation roles

    Projects are run by project management teams, each role has specific responsibilities. This is not always clear to people coming from opperational functions and can be an expensive learning process. By coaching individuals in the project management roles we are able to empower the project organisation to work more effectivly.

    Project Organisation Projektorganisation

    All work is carried out by a Professional Project Manager with many years’ experience and validation from leading project management institutions.

    Professional Scrum Master (
    PMP Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute)
    PRINCE2 Project Management Practitioner (OGC APMG)
    MOR: Management of Risk Registered (OGC APMG)
    MSP: Managemening Successful Programmes Registered Practitioner (OGC)
    MOP: Management of Portfolios Registered Practitioner (OGC APMG)

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