Develop the Goal and Strategy

Developing and communicating the organisation vision

Defining and communicating a clear Goal and the Necessary Conditions that must be fulfilled in order to achieve the Goal to your organisation, is one of the most effective and powerful leadership activities you can carry out.

We run workshops with executive management to define the Necessary Conditions and Critical Success Factors that must be fulfilled at company level in order for the company to achieve its Goal. Following on from this exercise we can carry out the same process with designated departments to ensure that each department is focused on achieving a department level Goal that directly contributes to fulfilling a the Necessary Condition(s) or Critical Success Factor(s) at the higher company level.

Does your organisation have a split focus?

It is not uncommon to ask three senior managers what their organisations goal is and each one will give you a slightly different answer. The understanding of the organisations goal becomes vaguer the further down or sideways in the organisation structure. This manifests itself in the following ways;

  • Staff working overtime but still not quite making it?
  • Communication problems between departments?
  • Crisis management seems to be the norm?

For organisations that do not have a common goal individuals will create their own goal

We get your organisation focused and working to the same Goal. Visualising the Goal and Critical Success Factors

Each person only works on activities that contribute to the organisation goal.
As a general rule important activities are completed within normal working hours.
Important activities are for the most part done in time, crisis management is a thing of the past.
Staff are motivated.
We define a common goal for everyone to work towards

Once you have a goal, you need a strategy to achieve the the goal

We help you to develop a clear strategy for each department to be more effective.

Effectiveness does not only depend on how much effort is expended, but on whether or not the effort expended is in the right area.

Through developing the Strategy and Tactics tree with your company/department managers we coach them on how to develope and communicate the objectives the department needs to accomplish, what actions are required and the logic for each action and objective.

A clear and well-formed strategy enables the whole organisation to work as a single cohesive units with each participant accountable for their area, and able to help their colleagues when needed.
We enable organizations to dramatically increase their throughput by focusing on what REALLY makes the difference. Our holistic, cost-effective approach provides significant benefits that are real and available today!

In addition to helping you develope your vision and the strategy to realise the vision we can also help with:

Maximising efficiency and profits through results focused process improvement

Identify current processes and create the most efficient standard that can currently be implemented.
Measure and monitor processes for effectiveness
Control the processes, identify those that add value and those that do not add value to producing goal units.
Improve and update processes to enable the organisation to achieve maximum throughput of goal units.

Coaching managers and leaders

It is quite common practice to promote people into leadership and management positions as a reward for doing a good job. The new management/leadership role requires a different skill set and knowledge base. We can help put you on the right track with a selection of activities such as these.

  • Developing a culture of results, accountability and responsibility not a culture of activity.
  • Managing the culture & beliefs of an organisation
  • Identify, manage and improve the most important work processes
  • Dealing with individuals within the organisation
  • How to exploit your current capacity before investing in additional capacity
  • How to exploit the service/ product mix
  • Delegation as a means to increase production capacity
  • How to make it easier and acceptable to say NO in order to increase productivity

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