Organisational Development and Coaching

  • Do you have a great team? Does everyone work well together? Are you still not achieving the results needed?
  • Is everyone working long days but you are still not getting on top of the work load?
  • Is the company experiencing declining productivity, quality or market share?

  • Organisational Development and Continuous Improvement

    Organisations that can adapt rapidly to market changes and the environment will have the competitive advantage. Based on our experience with change management programmes, we help you to build the right capabilities and develop improved business processes to achieve your strategic objectives.

    Here are some of the issues we focus on

  • Is the whole organisation working to achieve the same goal?
  • Are the goals of the sub-organisations synchronised to achieve the organisations goal?
    • Is there an easier and faster way to perform a certain activity or process?
    • Are the most important activities prioritized and carried out before they become critical?
    • What part of the most important activities have become acute, and why are they urgent?
    • Is the right person allocated to the right role?
    • Are all necessary activities being done?

    Many organisations have a problem in creating synergy between their sub-organisations or departments. This appears to be especially prevalent when it comes to working with the IT/Software Development Functionaries; Don Lowe AB has worked extensively with this area over the past few years.

    Don Lowe AB assists you to review the existing work practices at the individual, department/organisation or process levels while analysing and structuring, communication and cooperation within the company

    The services Don Lowe AB supplies will enable organisations to achieve synergies that were previously unthinkable. We guide your staff to work in a pro-active way rather than re-active through focusing on important activities that add value to the organisation. The result is a more effective organisation which is able to weather tough times and thrive at the same time.

    Developing the organisation GOAL and STRATEGY

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