Nearshoring teams for e-Commerce development

Your in-house Nearshoring development team, may be the answer to:

Taking care of the shortage of skilled software developers, causing delays in implementation of business critical software tools, causing negative effects on income streams or cost profiles.

Your in-house nearshore team will help by:

  • Improving your core business by giving your staff the tools they need to deliver an efficient, quality service to your customers.
  • Giving your customers the information they need, the service they expect and a great experience – increasing conversion rates and customer retention over time.
  • Making sure you have the right people for the job, free up your time and reduce your costs related to managing a software development department.

  • I would like to share a few tips on what you should think about when considering a nearshore team.

    What should be in place before you start a Nearshoring partnership?

    Make sure that your internal team is prepared for a Nearshoring partnership. Working with Nearshoring brings different dynamics that will affect your business, normally in a positive way if it is done properly. It is important to have the right people involved to ensure that the process works.

    Get buy-in from senior management & influential stakeholders

    Once senior management & influential stakeholders have bought into the idea, the planning can begin.

    Appoint a senior person to lead the initiative

    Appoint a senior person who has the presence, authority and experience to put in place the processes and structure for Nearshoring.

    How should you engage with Nearshore teams?

    Collocation early on

    Working together, having face to face meetings and taking time to get to know one another is a great way to improve communication and as a result work more effectively. Set up a planned schedule to work from each other’s offices for a week or two at a time and at regular intervals. When you are together in one office, organize an area or room where the team can work

    Getting together and understanding each other’s culture is the key to successful outsourcing.

    Clear roles and responsibilities:

    Establish clear roles and responsibilities at the beginning of the relationship, then tailor them as needed as the partnership develops.

    Communication strategy.

    An effective communication strategy is essential, keep it as simple as possible and make sure that you tailor the strategy to suit the people involved.

    Understanding and implementing the right processes

    Good working processes are essential to any form of software development. Poor processes will destroy a nearshoring partnership.

    Share the interesting work.

    When you have an in-house team and a Nearshore team make sure you share the work fairly. People are motivated when they know that they are being treated on equal terms and getting a fair share of the more interesting development assignments. The best benefits come when Nearshoring teams are considered an integral part of the home team.


    Nearshoring is a great way to solve capacity constraints, allow your team to focus on the core business and reduce costs.

    Forbytes works closely with several e-commerce companies in Europe supporting their core business with great technical solutions.

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