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How do we make the world a better and more sustainable place to live?

By sharing knowledge and experiences we can help each other. My contribution is to share knowledge that can help your organisations be more sustainable through effective portfolio, programme and project management.

Delivering change through effective leadership and management

Leadership: Identifying the right things to do
Management: Doing things right

We work with small to medium sized companies helping them to become more effective through a focus on results, resources and how they work with people. More efficient by focusing on how they manage time.

To enable organisations to manage change we help in establishing effective and efficient governance structures using:
• Portfolio management
• Programme management
• Project management

Information on Projects, Programmes and Portfolios can be found here

I addition to the above core services we offer advice and guidance on
• Process improvement
• Constraint management
• Business analysis and requirements development for eCommerce projects
• Coaching and mentoring your staff in their roles and building up their tacit knowledge in the practices of project, programme and portfolio management
• Setting up Nearshore development teams

It is a great feeling and privilege to be able to help others be more effective and enjoy delivering great results every day. Sizeable gains will be realized in efficiency, organization, and accountability through the implementation of effective operational processes and project management processes.

Lean & Agile Project Management

Do the projects right to ensure that they deliver value which is in-line with the organisations strategic objectives. Projects and programmes are a great way to implement change and move your organisation forward.
Work with an enthusiastic and dedicated professional from Don Lowe AB to help your organisation through the whole process from start to finish. The processes, tools and techniques we us will result in project products and services that are consistently delivered on time and within budget and live up to the quality expectations. If you want members of your staff to also have on the job training, mentoring and individual coaching we will be happy to help.
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More information on the Project Management and Coaching service

Portfolio Project Management helps in creating a pro-active dynamic organisation

Doing the right initiative at the right time is easy to say but sometimes difficult to implement. Through the use of portfolio management we can help you to prioritise and deliver the right projects in the context of the organisations strategic objectives and available resources.
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Process improvement

Everything we do tends to follow a process either explicitly or implicitly. I can help your organisation or individuals to identify those processes that add value and improve on them where necessary. We will also identify those processes that do not add value and phase them out from the daily routines. Companies that are successful today and that will continue to be successful and prosper in the future will be those that have processes in place that can repeatedly integrate new people and technology into their existing structure while continuously improving products and services.

The seven core processes described on this site is an example of how we may help your organisation with implementing project management.

Constraint management

Most people will understand the need to manage and remove constraints, the trick is to focus on those issues from which you will gain the greatest leverage in achieving more goal units.
I can help you by using an easy to understand combination of methods and practices to define and visualise the goal, current situation and what needs to be done to move forward.
In addition I facilitate discussions where people who have very strong and opposing views but a common objective so they can arrive at a common understanding without the need to compromise. People are often very surprised how close they are to each other’s thinking.

Business Analysis

Projects and programmes are designed to deliver change; we ensure that the right change is delivered.
Working with our clients and understanding how the organisation currently functions, then identifying and defining the new capabilities the organisation requires to move forward. We are able to develop a road-map that will enable your organisation to transform and fulfil the planned goal.
Defining the new capabilities

Risk Management

Where there is change there is an element of risk, comprising of opportunities and threats that will impact on activity objectives. Taking and managing risk is the very essence of business survival and growth. Risk management is an integral part of the project management service we offer. This enables us to minimise the threats and maximise the opportunities to objectives that inevitably come up with programmes and projects.
Don Lowe AB can help you improve the internal control and support better decision-making through a good understanding of individual risks and the overall risk exposure.
We can also help to structure your organisations risk management approach and then show you how to embed it throughout your organisation. From the strategic level through programmes, projects and to business as usual operations.
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Setting up software development teams

We have experience in setting up both onsite and nearshore distributed software development teams for companies in Europe.
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